I was performing tech support over the phone. After ten minutes of helping an Induhvidual through some edits to files to fix a problem, we got to this point:

Me: "Locate the 'Oracle Programs for NT' group off the start menu."

Induhvidual: "OK"

Me: "Do you see the SQL Worksheet program?"

Induhvidual: "Yes"

Me: "Open it, then enter the user, password and connection string."

Induhvidual: "OK"

Me: "See the large frame at the bottom? Enter this SQL statement."

Induhvidual: "OK"

Me: "Now run it and tell me what comes back."

Induhvidual: "OK"

Me: "So what came back?"

Induhvidual: "I don't know."

Me: "What do you mean, 'I don't know'? Can't you read what is on the screen?"

Induhvidual: "I'm not at the computer."

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