Similarities between Nixon and Clinton

 Nixon  Clinton
 Watergate  Water Bed
 His biggest fear the Cold War.  His biggest fear a Cold Sore.
 Worried about carpet bombing.  Worried about carpet burns.
 His Vice President was a Greek.  His Vice President is a geek.
 Couldn't stop Kissinger.  Couldn't stop kissing her.
 Couldn't explain the 18-minute gap in the Watergate tape.  Couldn't explain the 36-DD bra in his brief case.
 His nickname was Tricky Dick.  No difference.
 Ex-President.  Sex-President.
 Known for campaign slogan "Nixon's The One".  Know for women pointing at him and say "He's the one".
 Famous for his widow's peak.  Famous for bringing widows to their peak.
 Well acquainted with G. Gordon Giddy.  Well acquainted with G Spot.
 Took on Ho Chi Minh.  Took on Ho.
 Talked about achieving peace with honor.  Talked of getting a piece while on her.

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