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Funny People:   top
The Mel Brooks Humor Site, television (TV), movies, ...
John Candy's Sound Gallery
Sid Ceasar Your Show Of Shows
Rodney Dangerfield
Firesign Theatre
Kathy Griffin
Daryl Cagle's Professional Cartoonists Index
Official Sam Kinison Site
Derek (Dudley Moore) and Clive (Peter Cook) comedy duo (info on three albums, ...)
Harry Shearer Le Show, Spinal Tap, Credibility Gap, ...
Pat Paulsen

Humorous Televison Shows and Movies:   top
Monty Python Online The "Monty Python and The Holy Grail" game site.
Tim's TV Showcase Rowan & Martin's Laugh In
The Simpsons television (TV) Show official web site.
The Simpsons Archive FAQs, Guides, Lists, Past Episodes, Upcoming Episodes, Discussion Lists, ...
Road To Springfield Simpsons
Wallace and Gromit
Wallace and Gromit The Curse Of The Were-Rabbit

Funny Music:   top
PDQ Bach a musician from 1807-1742?. If it ain't baroque, don't fix it.
The Demented Music Database! radio show playlist archive.
Dr. Demento Barry "Dr. Demento" Hansen official web site (host of syndicated radio show).
Stan Freberg discography
The Mad Music Archive Mad Music Hour with Captain Wayne cover tunes, TomFoolery Musical
google search Tom Lehrer
Bill Mumy, musician (Barnes & Barnes), ... actor (Lost In Space, Babylon 5, ...)
Voobaha The Internet According To Barnes and Barnes
The Official "Weird Al" Yankovic Web Page
Retro Rewind artist of the month, Weird Al.
Wolfgang's Vault listen to a live concert recording of Weird Al from
March 10, 1984 (late show), from Trafalmadore, Buffalo, NY
Wolfgang's Vault listen to a live concert recording of Weird Al from
March 10, 1984 (early show), from Trafalmadore, Buffalo, NY
1-800-Cool-CDs standup comedy and novelty music for sale
Kiss This Guy Archive of Misheard Song Lyrics

Silly Politics:   top
The Daily Muse Satirical look at the news
Newtwatch severe ribbings of the U.S. House Speaker
Politics USA Rec Room - The Hit List
Capitol Steps Washington musical satirists.
Conservatively Incorrect
DeMOCKracy, a comic strip that pokes fun at politics and politicians.
Doonesbury Electronic Town Hall Gary Trudeau's comic strip is online here.
The Onion Congress Passes Americans With No Abilities Act
Skeleton Closet for Bush Jr., (things he doesn't want you to know)
Scampaign parody site - get your presidential pardon here. parody site from Satire On-Line Political Humor Political Humor - Bill Clinton Pictures.
Patriot Humor
Dead Serious News

Silly Presidential Hopefuls:   top
Bill Gates For President
Fidel Castro For President
Pat Paulsen For President
Pat Paulsen for President
Russ For President
Bushisms a database of Bush's lexiconal blunders
Bush or Chimp comparing Bush to a series of primates
ComedyLab Presidential Palm Helper How The Bush Stole The Election
If George Bush Were a Girl...

Humorous Spam:   top
Probe Driod Theater Spam haiku
the onion Anti-Spam Legislation Opposed By Powerful Penis-Enlargement Lobby
Torture A Spammer A Frustration - Relief Game

Funny 404 Page Not Found:   top
404 Error Message (from a manic depressive web server)
Something Awful The Page You Requested Is Gone Forever
Lost In The Ozone

Tech Tales/Computer Humor:   top
Microsoft Product Support Services HOWTO: Read the F***ing Manual (RTFM)
Windows Sources Top Five List
Today's Computer Cartoon
About Linux humor site
The Bastard Operator From Hell
BOFH HelpDesk Form
BBspot The Slashdot Random Story Generator
BBspot Spammers Sending Messages From The future
BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death)
BoguSystem.Com press releases on some of their software programs including BogusPing, BoguStub, BogusY2K, ...
Bull Shirt Bingo a game for all those long boring seminars and meetings jokes, pranks, humor, silly stuff, images, ...
Computer Stupidities, tales from tech support.
Computer Creation Science
Dork Tower cartoon (computer humor)
Ekran Web Empire home of computer prank software for Unix, Windows, DOS, ...
El Grande MacHacks Page home of computer prank software (No Mouse, Irritant, ARRGH!, Belch, BrokaMac, Bubbinator, Conan the Librarian, Disk Ejector, DOS sHELL, Go Mac, ...) for Mac
links to all "The End Of The Internet" pages.
The End Of The Internet
The End Of The Internet?
The End Of The Internet?
google gmail autopilot (automate your e-mail responses)
google gmail custom time.
google announces free in-home wireless broadband server
google Copernicus Center Is Hiring
google Pigeon Rank Technology
google Chrome with 3D
google CADIE Cognitive Autoheuristic Distributed-Intelligence Entity.
Google Mobile Brain Search Mobile
google gBall
The History Of The Internet
Home Page Instruction Manual
Steve Jobs: Cult of Personality
Doug Knox Startup Splash Screen
Nathans Toasty Technology Page including: Demented Tech Support, Demented News from the Browser Wars Front, IE4 is Evil, GUI Gallery, Change Color of Blue Screen Of Death, South Park Win 95 boot screens, ...
Internet Explorer Is Evil
Internet Explorer Is Evilbuttons and banners, makers of Frogapult, Elf Bowling, and Y2K: The Game
The Onion Point-Counterpoint: Technology
Office 2000
Nine Types Of Users
PC Bloopers by John Dvorak. computer humor
PC World Save DOS: The Ultimate Antidote to Vista's Bloat
Rectal Security Scanner t-shirt
RJL Software home of computer prank software (Fake Delete, Illegal Operation, Y2K Joke, ...) for Win 95/98
Shatner virus planted by hackers on orbiting satellite
StupidaWorks products for Stupid Computer (ab)Users
True Help Desk Stories
Top Ten Stupid Customer Comments
Tech Tales tech support horror stories.
Tech Tales
Network World Fusion (magazine) Top 10 Internet Movies We'd Like To See
ComputerUser Magazine Top 10 Most Boring Web Sites
Mr. Y2K
Hart Scientific unofficial Y2K compliance statement and advice.
Gary South Y2K Links and Forums Novell Boasts It's New CEO Will Kill Self If Company Not No. 1 In Six Months.
Stupid Computer Tricks photos of things that can be done to computers to prevent them from working.
Late Show, look for Top Ten Ways the Y2K bug will affect your dog.
Inter@ctive Week Dueling Poets (two parodies of The Night Before Christmas)
Some Features You May Need On Your Computer
rfc2795 Request For Comments (RFC): for Infinite Monkey Protocol Suite (IMPS), by published April 1.
Request for Comments (RFC): 1437 The Extension of MIME Content-Types to a New Medium
Best Of Internet man pages (for commands that Linux needs)
Computer Desk JPG image
YouTube new layout
Microsoft Clippy
Microsoft A Parent's Primer To Computer Slang
Hard|OCP proof positive that snakes and computers don't get along
WiFi Speed Spray improve the speed of your wireless connection, floppy drive, ... - video What happens if Microsoft had designed the Ipod?
Microsoft designs the iPod package
The iPod Observer Now Playing - Microsoft Confirms it Originated iPod Box Parody Video
The Borowitz Report .com Apple Recalls iPhone; Forgot to Include Phone Feature
The computerized version of creation.
humorix shows the lighter side of Linux, the Open Source operating system everyone and their brother are suing over. Jokes about Microsoft, the SCO fiasco, and poorly-conceived copyright laws are thrown in for good measure.
Linux Genuine Advantage where Linux users can find out what they have been missing by not using WindBlo$.
Computer Stupidities
The Oatmeal If You Do This In An Email, I HATE YOU!
The Oatmeal What Your Email Address Says About Your Computer Skills.

Bill Gates / Microsoft bashing:   top Vista Sucks
Microsoft Linux
Microsoft(R) Firefox We've Made it Better
Los Angeles Windows User Groups April 1 meeting.
InfoWorldGripe Line - Hell On Wheels (if Microsoft provides the OS for your vehicle)
The Smoking Gun presents the dirt on all your favorite celebrities presents, even Bill Gates crashes (traffic ticket and mug shot).
anti-microsoft web ring, the
The Official Anti-Microsoft Homepage
Yet another Anti-Microsoft Site
The Anti-Microsoft Campaign
The 13th Floor Anti-Micro$oft Campaign
Anti Microsoft Page, The
Anti-MS Page, The
Anti-Micro$oft Association
Anti-Microsoft UK WebSite
Baby Gates
Bienvenidos a Mocosoft
Bill Gates Bought Our Balls
Bill Gates compared to Bill Clinton
Bill Gates' Diary Satire
Bill Gates endorses the Mac! QuickTime video (.mov) (6.5mb)
Bill Gates For President
Bill Gates gag site more Bill Gates gags, rubber chickens, daily jokes, Net A Sketch
Bill Gates Hate Club, The
Bill Gates Is Satan
Bill Gates is the Devil
Bill Gates Jokes
Bill Gates Lovecenter, The
Bill Gates Net Worth Page
Bill Gates Personal Wealth Clock
Bill Gates@NBC--It's Must C:\ TV
Bill Gates-O-Matic
Bill Gates: Myth, Man, Lovin' Machine
Bill & Dave's Excellent Adventure
Bill's Gate
Boycott Microsoft
Boycott Micro$oft, saying no since 1996
Boycott Micro$
Boycott Micro$oft
Caesars' Anonymous Microsoft Hate Page
Don't Be Soft on Microsoft
Full Disclosure - Sex, Power and Office Politics at Microsoft
Gil Bates Pinata, The
Gneech's Micro$oft Boycott Page, The
Graeme's Windoze 95 Badge Page
Greg's Microsoft FAQ
History of the Microsoft Car
Home of the Green Ribbon
Horrible Microsoft Conspiracy, The
How to Create Browser Sensitve Pages Russian Language anti-Bill Gates page
I Hate Bill Gates
I Hate Windows98
If Microsoft Built Cars
International Anti-Microsoft Network, The
International Anti-Micro$oft Network, The
Internet Exploiter: Browser of Death?
Internet Exploiter Home
MAC 95 make your Win 95 machine look like a MAC.
Michael Jackson vs. Bill Gates
Micropap Corporation
Microscoff Windoesnot 95
Microsoff Bill!
Microsoft Buys Evil
Microsoft and the Bavarian Illuminati
Microsoft Boycott Campaign, The
Microsoft Club
Microsoft Dictionary.html
Microsoft Files, The
Microsoft free project
Microsoft Jesus 2000
Microsoft Method, The
Microsoft Monopoly
Microsoft Must Be Stopped
Microsoft Tax, The
Microsoft Spin Dictionary
Microsoft Sucks
Microsoft Sucks links page. with links to 120+ anti-microsoft web sites.
Microsnot, Where Do You Want To Go, Toady?
Microsoff Linux 98
Microsuck hate page!
Microsuck: Who do you want to copy today?
Microsuks Corp.
Mirco$oft Hate Page
Mr. T vs. Bill Gates
MS - The Real Story
M$ Sucks!
MSNot: The Official MSN2 Hate Site
Official Anti-Microsoft homepage, The
Opposing the Microsoft Juggernaut
Opposition, The
OS/2oons by Harry Martin
Palladium Interactive Inc. makers of Microshaft Winblows 98 (parody of Windows 95 & 98).
Pentium MMX Oven
Punch Bill Gates
Página Anti-Microsoft en español, La
Rare Glitch Project: The legendary search for a stable version of Windows, The
Redmond Rose
Rendering Times - Soap Box, The
Required to buy Microsoft Windows And you wonder why I think Microsoft has a monopoly...
Satires and Jokes by OS/2 Information Center
SatireWire - New Satire For The New Economy Surprise Settlement Evenly Splits Microsoft; One Firm To Make Software, Other To Make Patches.
Secret Diary of Bill Gates, The
Secret Diary of Bill Gates, The
Society Against Internet Explorer
Society Against Microsoft Internet Explorer
Special Report: Windows 98: Small step or giant leap? Windows 98 turns out to be a huge sham!
SPOGGE - Society for Prevention of Gates Getting Everything
Star Trek VS Microsoft
Stop Microsoft
Stuff O' Boug: Anti-Micros$oft
Subliminal Messages in Windows 95?
Team Hates!
Tie Die Ribbon Campaign
Tim's Page
UberSoft Help Desk for Microsoft DOJ trial coverage.
Unix rulez - MS sucks
Uselessness of Microsoft
What About Bob?
What is really wrong with Microsoft
Why Bill Gates is Richer than You
Why Microsoft FrontPage Sucks
Why Windows 95 Sucks
Why you should NOT use MSIE. Why should the world's most powerful software company give away something for free? EXACTLY.
William Gates Wall Of Shame
William H. Gates III Unplugged
Wintel World
Win95 vs. Jesus Christ
Windows95 Annoyances
Windows 95 Keys Suck! Every single keyboard I own does not have Windows95 keys, and I thank the lord that they don't.
Windows Annoyances
Wonderful World of Microsoft, The
Wonderful World of the i386, The
Your Opinion of Microsoft Urinal Mat
- MicroLAME Inc. -
Garcetti Report fictional story of Bill Gates being shot by lone gunman in Los Angeles (from the creators of the Blair Witch Project)
MacArthur Park fictional story of Bill Gates being shot by lone gunman in Los Angeles (from the creators of the Blair Witch Project) fictional story of Bill Gates being shot by lone gunaman in Los Angeles (from the creators of the Blair Witch Project)
Citizens For Action fictional story of Bill Gates being shot by lone gunman in Los Angeles (from the creators of the Blair Witch Project)
Windows Service Pack 2 see what it looks like online before installing it.
Windows RG (Really Good) ? the next version?
BB Spot Windows XP Flight Feature Flawed
Microsoft A Parent's Primer To Computer Slang
Microsoft EDLIN for Windows Users Manual and Reference Guide

Cartoons:   top
Cartoonists at Large
Doctor Fun Cartoon
Doonesbury Electronic Town Hall Gary Trudeau's comic strip is online here.
Dysfunctional Family Circus, a parody of syndicated comic Family Circus.
GeekCulture The Joy Of Tech
Spencer F. Katt Comic WebToon (from PC Week).
King Features
The Lunar Antics
Mother Goose and Grimm
Professional Cartoonists Index
United Media Cartoons
United Media Comics
Dilbert Zone a comic strip for the technologically ... (now also an animated T.V. show).
Dilbert watch the Dilbert T.V. show online (streaming media), outtakes, ...
Dilbert buy the new Dilbert eBook
United Press Syndicate Comics Page
User Friendly (the comic strip) screen savers, photos, ... Metallica/Napster Cartoon
PVP Online, by Scott Kurtz PMS humor

Visual Humor:   top
Demotivation 'R' Us, where you pain is our gain. find humorous/parody wallpaper for your every need., the one peripherial that didn't come with the iMac.
iToilet the newest innovation from the folks that brought you the iMac.
the corporation humourous icon gallery. If you user their icons, you must link back to them. Or else. :-)
Best Of Internet pictures and photos
The FBI Has A New Way Of Tracking Terrorists (JavaScript required)
National Drivers License Search
A super optical illusion Careful you don't get dizzy and fall out of your chair...
Double Crown Records / Continental Magazine Weblog: Mary Poppins & When Harry Met Sally Made Into Horror Films
The Wonderful World Of Longmire the internets leader in wasted pixels
The Wonderful World Of Longmire bumper stickers
The Wonderful World Of Longmire romance novels - part 1
The Wonderful World Of Longmire romance novels - part 2
The Wonderful World Of Longmire romance novels - part 3

Misc / Uncategorized Humor:   top
HumorSearch search engine for humor related web sites, humor community, links, ...
Juicy dating jokes (as well as general interest jokes) New Zealand's #1 Internet Dating Site
onion But If We Started Dating It Would Ruin Our Friendship Where I Ask You To Do Things And You Do Them
Daily Motion Upstairs (honesty in dating)
YouTube Humane Society of the United States: Lawyers In Cages
the oatmeal cartoon humor site
Aarons Jokes
Airtoons what those airline saftey cards really mean (silly captions on airline safety cards)
Sajjad Ali crank up the volume and be surprised (flash sound/animation)
ABC fun Cards including, Scratch and Sniff web page
All Stupid Jokes
American Pie song parody / AOL.
April Fools - web site build bogus web page & send bogus mail, has your web site been converted?
BBspot satirical news and humor source
BBspot If I Could Talk To A Supervisor
Best Of Internet
Best Week Ever BWE: The Lost Mac Ads (parody of PC vs. Mac commercials)
Bizarre Magazine
Blackie's Comedy Shop
Blame Andy excuse generator Fun Stuff To Do When You Are Bored
The Boy With Immovable Hair
British Comedy Pages
The Brunching Shuttlecocks humor/satire site
The Brunching Shuttlecocks Cyborger (if you were a cyborg, what would your name really mean?)
The Brunching Shuttlecocks AIEEE (Acronym Interaction, Expansion and Extrapolation Engine - generates plausible technical-sounding acronyms).
The Capitol Steps
Randy Cassingham's "This is True"
Center for the Easily Amused
ChickenHead Treasury Of Geriatric Erotica
Michael Clark recycled jokes. Have you received any of these jokes in your e-mail recently?
ClueLock, humour site, with parodies of science fiction.
Comedy Central with: Joke Of The Day, South Park Games, Timewasters, Web Shows, ... with games, animations, radio shows, ...
Complete Blonde Joke Page, find out what is happening with your favorite conspiracies
the corporation humor site.
Cool Person Test
craigslist best of craigslist humor, jokes, cartoons, pictures, ...
Create Your Own Hoax Web Economy Bullshit Generator
The Daily Monologue
The Daily Reckoning's Essentialist Humor Files
The Daily Quiz
Dr. Daniel's Movie Emergency
DebsFunPages funny cartoons and pictures.
Dialectize a web page or user entered text, from English to RedNeck, Jive, Cockney, Elmer Fudd, Swedish Chef, Moron, Pig Latin, ??? quote of the day.
Don's Boss Page learn to surf the web without getting caught.
eTattler, a wholly disowned subsidiary of the San Jose Mercury News
Fade to Black (online) Comedy Magazine
ForceFeeder the anti-anorexia game (Ally McBeal - Calista Flockhart) The World's First Free Call International ISP.
forwards humor site
Gothic Red Neck, prank freebies, software, MP3 metasearch, ...
Frank Sinatra Strangers On This Flight (Strangers In The Night)
Fry's Electronics Employment Application have your picture taken while you are online (you don't need a camera to use :-)
Funny Stuff fake animals
Funny Stuff follow the bouncing breast
Unofficial Geek Light Bulb Joke Repository.
Geek Site of the Day
Girlfriend v4.0
John Glenn/Planet of the Apes joke
Google TiSP (free in-home wireless broadband service-just a flush away)
Google Gmail Paper
The Guys Guide to Geek Girls, the interactive comedy. the news shepherd for news sheep.
HeyIdiot, the first internet startup company to dispense with a product, and go straight to stock market.
Twisted Hilbily Magazine Hillbilly Jokes.
How to keep an idiot busy
The Humor Archive
The Humor Network with Joke Of Ther Day, College Jokes, Sports Jokes, Kids Jokes, ... and affiliate programs.
HumourNet FTP site humor site, flash animation, flash games, rants, ...
In My Humble Opinion humor column/webzine
Jake's Jokes
JediHawk JokePage updated daily.
Jester Of Columbia (University)
Joe's Mystical Magical Web Page Of Whimsey And Bemusement
Joke A Day
Jokes Magazine online archives, and ListServ for new jokes.
JokeServ JokePageupdated daily.
JokeServ Jokes, served up by Mark Gibbs, columnist for various computer publications.
JOKES Updated weekly.
Julkalender 2000 ?humourours ? needs java enabled
Kelly's Place with links to cool graphics (awards, seperators, ...) for your web site, man bashing jokes, pop quiz, ... animation, comics, games, products, greeting cards, ...
Know Your Place! Shut Your Face! A Message From The Ministry Of Homeland Security (slide show).
LaLaTimes HEADlines, with contributions from Milton Berle, Rich Little, Jonathan Winters, George Carlin, ...
The Lemon humor magazine
David Letterman's Top 10 List
Who's Tits Are Those celebrity cleavage test (flash sound/animation)
pong (flash sound/animation)
Rob Manuel animated songs, quizzes, games, soundboards, ...
The Onion America's Finest News Source
The Onion Florida Man Beats Out Heart Disease As Nation's No. 1 Killer
The Onion New Homely Doll To Improve Self-Image Of Young Girls
The Onion - America's Finest News Source 300th anniversary issue, June 22 - 29, 2056
The Onion - America's Finest News Source Housewife Charged In Sex-For-Security Scam
The Onion - America's Finest News Source Nation's Morons March On Washington State
The Onion - America's Finest News Source Priest Shortage Forces Vatican To Hire Temps To Deliver Sacred Rites
The Onion - America's Finest News Source Report: Majority Of Newspapers Now Purchased By Kidnappers To Prove Date
Who's Butt? Match The Butts To The Celebrities
The Marriage Fairy (flash sound/animation)
Jackie Martling's JokeLand Dirty Joke
Millennium Hell Sneering at 2000 years of human achievement.
Ministry of Sound games
Modern Humorist, Modern Humorist Monkey Hot or Not (parody of am I hot or am I not)
The Mystery Of Britney Spears' Breasts
National Lampoon
NBC Tonight Show (with RealAudio Monologue)
Network Bookcase Humor
Nolo Press - Lawyer Jokes
Nolo Press - SharkTalk a Java Applet game of Hangman. Grisly. Fun.
Late Night with Conan O'Brien
Nick's Calendar, Jokes And Generally Funny Site
Oracle Service Humor e-zine
Outrage Generator
Orgasmic Calculator (flash sound/animation) funny pictures
Pee-Mail Tech Stuff, Web Surfing, Fun Stuff, Daily News humor site, with YETI@home Project, ...
Purity Tests!
Quotes amusing, weird, ...
R rated Orgasms From Around The World (flash animation)
The Realm of Niftyness
BBC News Workers To Donate Sperm To Pay Plant Debt New Satire For The New Economy
Saturday Night Live
Site With No Name collection of Shockwave online games, including:
Something Awful
Splat Pam Anderson Lee bird tries to drop load on PAL
TheSpark online humor magazine, with interactive quizes (Death Test, Sex Test, Pregnancy Test, ...), ...
Speedbandits: Movie - innovative ways to reduce speeding motorists
Stall parody of Slate online magazine.
Stale parody of Slate online magazine.
SunSat Satellite Solutions Co. Mobile Phone GPS Tracking Technology
The Straight Dope
Tabloid, now you don't have to stand in the checkout lines to read them. Singapore Satircal Humor Website
Bankok Metropolitan accidentally picked up story from about sperm bank collector at local zoo. comedy-of-errors (news headlines, ...)
3 Wise Guys
The Top Five List
Turn Off The Internet?
The Top Five List - archives
UrbanReflex Music Industry Unveils New Piracy-Proof Format: A Black, Plastic Disc With Grooves On It. - give your friends an arrest record
Win a Date with a Geek
Welcome To My Trailer Park Page. Seeing is still not believing! :-)
Wrecked Humor Collection
WWW Fights Ground Zero videos, weblog, ...
When Office Supplies Attack (photo layout)
How To Dance Properly video
How To Impress Your Date video
Type Here And Press Go photos
The Wizard Of Speed And Time! humorous singles ad
University Of Washington School Of Law - Marian Gould Gallagher Law Library Judicial Humor
Discover Magazine annual April Fools articles.
Royal Canadian Air Farce Official Site of Canada's #1 Comedy
Steve Pavlina . com 10 Reasons You Should Never Get a Job
Murphy Laws Site The origin and laws of Murphy in one place.
Murphy's Laws and Corollaries
Microsoft Support Hair Color Of The Person Icon For A User Group Becomes Gray If The Group Contains More Than 500 Users
Dateline Hollywood satire of entertainment news.
The Online Pregnancy Test (requires Java). Always prompt, and occassionally accurate!
Pun Master
Puns Galore The Lair Of The Crab Of Ineffable Wisdom (animated musical humor)
Sitting Pretty, the MAC is not just for sitting in front of anymore. :-)
Church Of The SubGenius, Proud To Be on a Merkin, ...
Dudeism the Church of Dudeism - Life is short and complicated and nobody knows what to do about it. So don't do anything about it. Just take it easy, man.
Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster Are you a Pastafarian? Then this version of Intelligent Design may be for you.
WCAS Labs Silicone Versus Silicon
Welcome To Weapons Of Mass Destruction!
Error: These weapons of mass destruction cannot be displayed
WebElements Periodic Table Page
TheWhizzinator when you care enough to give the very best (for when you're-in trouble).
Addicting Games Whack Your Boss
Taglines Galore
Guardian Unlimited The best God joke ever - and it's mine! - Emo Philips
red orbit Ancient Greek Joke Book Pre-Empted Famous Monty Python Sketch
Peter White Cycles WMDs
Damn You Autocorrects The 25 Funniest Autocorrects Of DYAC’s First Year
The Top 10 Everything Top 10 reasons why being on the dole is a full time job
The Top 10 Everything Top 10 reasons I would rather work with computers than people

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