Sexual Information for Men from Women

The following information was gained through much arduous research involving men and women from all backgrounds and walks of life. It consists of the most often asked questions of men (ie. relationships, sex and life in general). All men who read this are encouraged to use the wisdom contained therein to change their behavior in accordance with the truths established below.

Q: How do I know if I please my girlfriend?
A: Never think that you fully please her, always do more for her than any man would, when you think you have given her everything there is, there is always more.

Q: Should i bring flowers for her on the first date?
A: No you should bring dozens of roses, chocolates, anything you can think of Women love getting gifts.

Q: What do I do during sex to please my girlfriend and keep her fom getting bored?
A: Don't worry the women is always in charge!! what she says goes in the relationship, she will have great ideas just listen to her.

Q: How can I keep my girlfriend happy?
A: Like all men you should have the house cleaned, a candle light dinner made at least twice a night, romatic music playing, give her full body messages and don't forget her feet (she's had a tougher day than you).

Q: How can I keep the flame alive?
A: Always send her flowers to her work and home, always have the house shinning and the laundry done, send her little love notes, call her at least twice a day, plan spontanous trips.

Q: How do I keep my girfriend from being mad at me?
A: Don't do no stupid ass thing to piss her off first of all, always do as she says cause she is the boss of the relationship as we all know, if she tells you that you can't go out with the guys tonight you betta listen.

Q: How do I know if I am whipped?
A: Well if your girlfriend is doing a good job you will always be whipped no matter what you do she will always have full control of you.

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